Beyond your dreams, within your reach.
Excursions that will leave you breathless.

Travel across East Falkland, experience the off-road tracks,
enjoy a Falkland-style Smoko and walk with the wildlife.

City Attractions & Gypsy Cove Tour

Stanley’s historic monuments, Magellanic penguins.
2.5 hours.
This tour is suitable for everyone.
There are toilet facilities on this tour.

This tour is designed for those people not wanting to take a long excursion across the island. On you travel to Gypsy Cove you will see the Lady Elizabeth ship wreck. Upon arriving at Gypsy Cove you will be dropped off at the carpark, there is a walking distance off 100m on a gravel pathway. You will be able to spend approximately 1 hour observing the penguins and other birdlife in their natural habitat. After this we will head towards the city attractions. Taking a slow drive through the capital, we will show you Christ Church Cathedral, Whale Bone Arch, 1982 Liberation Monument, The Governor’s Residence and 1914 Battle Day Monument. Your tour will end at the Historic Dockyard Museum, here you will see Falklands history at its best.

Recommendation: A warm jacket, layered clothing and sturdy walking shoes. A camera and binoculars will be helpful for seeing penguins further out on the beach.

Included in this tour: Water, museum entrance and information pack.