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Travel across East Falkland, experience the off-road tracks,
enjoy a Falkland-style Smoko and walk with the wildlife.

Murrell Excursion

Rockhopper penguins.
4 hours.
Not suitable for persons with neck, back or hip injuries.
There are toilet facilities on this tour.

This is a chance to see both Rockhopper Penguins, which grow to around 53cm. These cute little yellow brow penguins hop from rock to rock, up high cliffs and fun-jump into the water. Wildlife entertainment at its best. You will also have a chance to see the Black-browed Albatross, these birds also share the cliffs with the Rockhoppers.

Collected by minivan at the pier, you will travel 30 minutes on gravel road to Murrell Farm, a scenic drive where you will pass the west side of Stanley, passing Christ Church Cathedral, Whalebone Arch, the 1982 Monument, Community School, the Governor’s Residence and the 1912 Battle Day Monument.

Upon arrival at the farm you will be transferred to a 4×4 vehicle which will then take you to the penguin colony. This is an off-road track, approximately a one-hour drive, quite bumpy and not recommended for those persons with back or neck injury or pregnant women. An exciting and fun trip for those that like to experience the off-road ride crossing the peat moors and sheep pastures. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel across the undisturbed wastelands off the Falkland Islands and have the opportunity to take photographs of these fun penguins in their natural habitat.

Once you arrive at the colony you will have approximately one hour to adventure.

Recommendation: A warm jacket, layered clothing and sturdy walking shoes. A camera and binoculars will be helpful for seeing penguins on cliffs and in the distance.

Included in this tour: Snack, water and information pack.