Beyond your dreams, within your reach.
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Travel across East Falkland, experience the off-road tracks,
enjoy a Falkland-style Smoko and walk with the wildlife.

Volunteer Point Tour

King penguins.
7 hours.
Not suitable for persons with neck, back or hip injuries.
There are toilet facilities on this tour.

This tour takes you to see King Penguins, the most colourful and attractive amongst the penguin group. They are the largest in the Falkland Islands and the second largest in the world. There are over 1000 King penguins pairs at this location. Here you will also be able to see Gentoo and Magellanic penguins all in their natural habitat. On this trip you will pass some battlefields, see the stone runs and take in the undisturbed landscape. Once we arrive at Johnsons Harbour we will stop for a short break and then start the off-road trip. You will have about an hour to walk with the penguins and enjoy a lunch snack. Upon your return to Stanley we can give you a quick city tour or drop you at the souvenirs shops or caf├ęs.

Recommendation: A warm jacket, layered clothing and sturdy walking shoes. A camera and binoculars will be helpful for seeing penguins.

Included in this tour: Snack, water and information pack.